Reed & Reed, Inc is one of northern New England’s largest and most versatile general contractors.  Founded as a bridge building firm in 1928 by Captain Josiah W. Reed and his son Carlton Day Reed, the company has prospered under four generations of family leadership to build a long-standing reputation as one of Northern New England's top heavy contractors.


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Littleton, NH Bridge Project


     The Littleton, NH –Waterford, VT project, located on I93 spanning over the Connecticut River was awarded to Reed and Reed on December 19th of 202. The $8.2 million dollar bridge rehabilitation and scour countermeasure project began in January 2013. The scope of work for these twin 662 foot multi-span steel girder bridges includes a full deck replacement on the I93 NB structure, a deck rehabilitation for the I93 SB structure, and the removal and replacement of the 60 steel rocker bearings with new elastomeric ones. Work also includes a full removal and painting of both bridges to be performed by Amstar of Western New York. Additionally, scour countermeasures of heavy rip rap and precast concrete AJACK units will be installed around all I93 NB and SB piers and the four piers on Route 18.

     The construction crew began in January 2013, constructing an access bulkhead to be used for shuffling heavy rip rap and concrete AJACK units onto the 50 ft. by 90 ft. Manitowoc sectional barge. This material would then be used for increasing scour protection measures around the piers footings. The “barge” crew initially took a topographic survey of the streambed around each of the piers, determining excavation and fill limits, in order to provide a level area for the AJACKS and heavy rip rap to be placed. The concrete AJACKS were assembled into bundles and then cabled together and placed underwater on top of the leveled streambed. Additional bundles were set into the water and butted up to the other units. Once all units were in place, a cable was used to band all of the units together. All of this work was completed by the use of lifting beams and cables, the Komatsu 400 excavator, an underwater camera, and a diligent crew paying close attention to the detail needed to set these AJACKS underwater without divers.

    On the top side crews worked to sawcut and dismantle the existing Phase I of the Northbound deck. The 662 foot long structure was cut into panels and removed using the 330 Cat excavator with the thumb.

     Once the existing Phase I deck was removed, the crew set approximately 250 precast (7’x8’) panels in two days using a 30 ton hydraulic crane. This was also accomplished at night by the detouring of traffic from I93 NB onto the nearby Route 18 detour. Next, came getting the 50 tons of deck steel tied, and getting the deck ready for concrete.

     On the morning of August 6th the crew placed the Phase I deck. Traffic was again detoured from I93 NB onto Route 18. Carroll Concrete provided the concrete and their trucks backed up onto the bridge and deposited loads into the 32 meter truck of Northeast Concrete pumping. This concrete, “truck train”, efficiently moved down the bridge, ahead of the Bidwell machine, laying out over 350 yards of concrete for the crew. The 350 concrete yard placement lasted about 10 hours.

     While the deck removal operation was happening on the Northbound Bridge, another crew began working on the Southbound Bridge bearing replacement. The abutment bearing were completed first, and then the crew moved to the piers. Temporary support beams, 300 ton jacks, and new bolsters and elastomeric bearings, were all moved over the side of the bridge to platforms that were installed along the face of each pier. Reed and Reed’s deck stripping platform was also used to assist in the bearing replacement. This allowed access and movement of the material to be lowered over the side of the bridge and rolled into place prior to jacking the bridge. Each individual bearing line was entirely jacked and the bearings were unbolted, cut, and moved out of place. New bolsters and bearings were then installed using cables, come-alongs, and rollers.

     Currently we are awaiting the completion of the northbound bridge membrane and paving operations and will be switching traffic over to the second phase of Northbound.







video - catching the wind

There has been much discussion and debate about the benefits of wind power in Maine. Having built nearly every commercial scale wind project in the State, Reed & Reed knows the benefits are substantial and widespread. But to confirm our thinking, we sent a film crew out to learn what Maine folks are really saying. Their comments are candid and refreshing and as you might suspect, they support wind power! We invite you to watch and enjoy the video then share it with your friends.

Catching the Wind - It's no accident that Wind has come to Maine

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